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Your responsibility – Store it right

With reforms occurring to Workplace Health and Safety PCBU’s will want confidence that their ISO tank movements are compliant. The transport and storage of DG ISO tanks in New Zealand is governed by various regulations and time frames.

Fluidex Transport has an approved Hazardous Substances storage facility for Class 3.6.8 and 9 ISO tanks – at its Wiri Plant. In addition Fluidex has a fleet of Compliant DG skeletal trailers for the (complaint) transport of DG ISO tanks.

  • HSNO certified with Hazardous Substances Location Certificate – for DG ISO tanks.
  • Fully compliant transport operation with specialist DG trailer equipment – for all ISO tank and tanker pick up and delivery functions.
  • Certified to ISO 9001:2015.
  • Prequal Qualification.
  • Fully compliant Ministry of Primary Industries transitional facility.
  • Member of Responsible Care (previously NZ Chemical Industry Council)
  • Fully secured site with long or short term storage available.
  • Delivery when required by customer to destination.
  • ISO Tanks for hire.
  • Processing facility for ISO tanks including washing, survey and repairs.

For further information or enquiries please contact Fluidex Transport on (09) 268 2272, email, or visit our website