Company Profile

Fluidex Transport Company: Who we are.

Fluidex Transport Ltd operates throughout New Zealand with bases in Auckland, Mount Maunganui, Blenheim, and Christchurch. The fleet is comprised of over 50 prime movers and 90 associated trailer combinations including specialist chemical tankers of varying classes, pneumatic tankers, specialist insulated food grade tankers – and skeletal swing lift and flat deck trailer combinations.

In addition to its own fleet of ISO tanks, Fluidex Transport Ltd manages ISO tanks for several international partners, for short or long term hire. The speciality wash plant at Wiri enables cleaning of these to internationally accepted standards.

The company has been in existence for over 60 years fulfilling transport services to the New Zealand industry, and has a proven record in the safe handling and transportation of bulk liquids and bulk dry powders. Our customers rightly demand the highest HSE and quality standards for their products and a focus of continuous improvement is one of the business foundation blocks. All tankers and ISO tanks are washed consistent with international guidelines and all tanks are issued with a Certificate of cleanliness prior to despatch.

We have a great team who are committed to reaching the highest industry standards. All transport staff are given training to assist with their development. This includes Behavioural Training programs and Approved Handler Training, (all drivers are approved handlers) as well as in-house operational training. This training benefits the company of course, with demonstrated improvement in HSE performance, incident reduction and productivity improvement.

Fluidex Transport Ltd first received ISO 9002 accreditation in August 1990 – the first transport company in New Zealand to do so – currently accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and transitioning to ISO 9001:2015. In addition the Company maintains several recognised standards including ACC WSMP at tertiary level. Accredited food programs include a certified Risk Management program (Dairy Products) and a Transport Regulated Control scheme (Bi valve mussels). The Wiri site is a MAF Bio Security Transitional Site and maintains an approved Environmental Management Plan with the Auckland Council.

Commitment to Service

“Adding value to our customers” is another of the business core building blocks. We form the critical link between our customer and their customer – and we are acutely aware that our performance needs to enhance that relationship. All delivery sites are documented in detailed delivery procedures, ensuring that drivers do things right – every time.

Fluidex Transport’s commitment and experience as a service provider means a distribution service that’s second to none. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by being able to provide a variety of key distribution and transportation services that are capable of being quickly adapted nationally, to meet the needs of clients.

Fluidex Transport Ltd are dedicated to using the latest technology to monitor and maintain performance and all service enhancements attained are shared with clients, creating a joint team environment that ensures a lasting partnership.