Fluidex Transport | Bulk Liquid Transportation.

Fluidex Transport Limited is New Zealand’s leading Bulk Liquids and Bulk Dry Powder Transport Operator. We specialise in bulk liquid transportation services operating throughout New Zealand. We have years of experience in dealing with unique transport jobs requiring customised solutions.

Tankers for every bulk transport requirement

We have a range of tankers to meet your bulk transportation requirements, including food grade tankers, dangerous goods transport, ISO tanks, gas tankers, and tanker washing. See our range of vehicles below, and contact us to arrange your bulk liquid, bulk dry, food grade, or dangerous goods transportation today.

Food Grade Tankers Pneumatic Tankers Chemical Tankers
Food Grade Tankers - Bulk Liquid Transportation Services with Fluidex Pneumatic Tankers - Bulk Transportation Services at Fluidex Chemical Tankers - Bulk Transportation Services at Fluidex
Gas Tankers Mini Tankers ISO Tanks
Gas Tankers - Bulk Gas Transportation Services at Fluidex Mini Tankers - Bulk Liquid Transportation Services at Fluidex ISO Tank Hire - Short or Long-Term Hire at Fluidex
Heavy Swing Lifts Mini Lifters Skeletal Trailers
Heavy Swing Lifts - 20' and 40' Available at Fluidex Mini Lifters - Transportation Services at Fluidex Skeletal Trailers - Up to 30 tonne at Fluidex Transport NZ

Transportation services throughout New Zealand

Fluidex Transport Ltd operates throughout New Zealand with bases in Auckland, Mount Maunganui, Blenheim, and Christchurch.

The fleet comprises over 50 prime movers and 90 associated trailer combinations including: speciality chemical tankers, pneumatic tankers, skeletal trailers and insulated trailer tankers for temperature sensitive products.

In addition Fluidex Transport Ltd manages ISO tanks for several international partners; these are available for short and long term hire. The specialty wash plant at Wiri enables cleaning of these to internationally accepted standards.

We offer the following services. Get in touch to discuss your individual requirements: